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Our Team

One was into coffee brewing; another studied pastry art, trained two to help out. Found a space for rent, hired a staff, then some interns and part-timers. Met hundreds of friends, customers–turned friends, passersby…not enough.

Sylvette wanted to serve good coffee, source out beans, bring out its flavors through proper brewing. Then, she was exploring spirituality; now, its coffee.

Jessica found pleasure on satisfied palates, if they’re not, it drives her to make–used to be nice dresses, but these days–good recipes to bake.

Brewed, baked, and sold online. At bazaars, met people, artists, friends…good friends, became customers; then more baked goods, thus more hands.

Lita values tradition, while Mary admires innovation, their dynamics in cooking is unparalleled; now, they’re also skilled bakers.

A space, along Mother Ignacia, number 72, looked promising. Gathered enough resources and courage…leased it, renovated.

Diana just passed her board exams (interior designer); her first project, with great patience–working with her two sisters–she pulled through, and did well.

Marlon was working as a construction helper; hired him as maintenance guy, assistant, etc.; best of all he’s resourceful.

Soft opening, everybody came; soon, road construction…obstruction, almost nobody came for a long time. Learning and still learning, not ready to leave–held on too long.

Mj and Pat came first, they were determined. Clinton, Kerwin and Lennard didn’t need the job, but always reliable. Dre is highly efficient. Julius was attentive. Christian, Kurt and Ryan were enthusiastic.

Fleeting, now, we’re heading to a better space…finally a respite.