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Buying Cheap Electric Coffee Maker

Buying cheap electric coffee maker is just that, you will get what you paid for: ineffective cheap parts. However we will try to help you get the best out of your money. We can do this with a little know how on basic coffee brewing principles (in relation to a brewer).

Standard Cheap Electric Coffee Maker Parts

  • Switch, for on and off.
  • Water Reservoir, with water level measurements or “number of cups.”
  • Carafe, brewed coffee container usually made of glass

These parts you can not do anything about them.

Important Cheap Electric Coffee Maker Parts

  • Water Dispensing Head, where hot water comes out.
  • Filter Basket, where your filter sits.
  • Screen Type Filter, which will contain ground coffee beans. Usually included with the brewer, but you can also buy paper filters.

Water Dispensing Head


“Coffee professionals” agree on the same things about brewing with a manual coffee dripper (like a cone). Your cheap electric coffee maker is basically the same with a manual coffee dripper.

They say it is best to pour water covering all the areas of the coffee bed. As a result this promotes “even extraction” of coffee for a better cup. Your coffee bed is the ground coffee beans in the filter basket.

Therefore choose a coffee maker that has (water dispensing head) holes distributed wider than just concentrated in one spot. It should look like it is covering more areas of the coffee bed, not just the center.

Filter Basket

Choose a cheap electric coffee maker that has a round with flat bottom filter basket if available. Otherwise choose the ones with a cone shaped flat bottom filter basket.

These kinds have readily available paper filters. In addition they are designed better which might help with “even extraction.” Those weird shaped filter basket looks cute, but they are not going to help you brew a better cup.

Unnecessary Cheap Electric Coffee Maker Part

  • Hot Plate, hot surface that heats the carafe.

It is best to turn off the brewer after brewing. So that your hot plate can not cook your coffee.

You can transfer your coffee to a thermal carafe to keep it hot. Another option is to just brew enough coffee that you plan to consume within the hour.

Ineffective Cheap Electric Coffee Maker Part

  • Heating Element, where water passes through and gets heated, while pushing hot water to the dispensing head.

This part can not heat the water to maintain an ideal temperature for brewing coffee. Basically the heat is not extracting enough from your coffee beans.

You can compensate by using a (little) less coffee beans than recommended. Thus allowing more water to extract more soluble from your coffee beans.


Lastly always keep your coffee maker clean. Wash the filter basket and the filter screen after every use. Also wipe the water dispensing head with clean towel to remove coffee residue.

Cheers to better coffee!

Basic Coffee Brewing Set Up

The Covid19 pandemic caused an influx of interest in “home brewing.” These days choosing a coffee brewing set up can be overwhelming. This happens because there are too many kinds, they are easily accessible, and expensive.

For most people coffee brewing should be like a respite, more practical than fancy. Although there are some drawn to become excessive, and a bit obsessive. A snooty in the process of exploring “specialty coffee.” Then buying all available coffee brewing set up, and judging all “other” coffees. (It’s just a phase, maybe they’ll get over it, because we did). But the majority just wants to drink a good cup of coffee (brewed properly?) at home.

Three basic things for brewing coffee:

  • Clean Water – delicious
  • Coffee Beans – good quality
  • Coffee Brewer – caters to your specific needs

Three optional things that helps your brewing set up:

  • Coffee Grinder – preferably a burr grinder
  • Weighing Scale – at least 0.1g specificity
  • Spouted Kettle – long spout or gooseneck

Basic Coffee Brewing Set Up

These brewers can make your brewed coffee, black coffee, regular coffee, or whatever you call it. While, espresso (the base for americanos, cappuccinos, and lattes) is for another post.

12 cup regular coffee maker - basic coffee brewing set up

Electric Coffee Maker

If you like your coffee without fuss, just get a regular electric coffee maker (auto drip). You can find them at your local grocery or department store. This brewer is convenient, but will not reach the ideal temperature for brewing coffee.

Some things you can do to get the best tasting coffee from your basic set up.

  • You can have your beans ground a little finer, finer than recommended for auto drip.
  • Or use less coffee beans per cup of water to compensate.

However, there are brewers that can reach 90+ degrees Celsius consistently. They are expensive but worth your money.

2 cup french press - basic coffee brewing set up

Manual Coffee Maker

If you have time to brew coffee manually and learn about “basic coffee brewing,” get a manual coffee maker. You can either get a French Press or a Coffee Dripper (like a cone).

French Press is a cheaper option, because no special kettle is needed. It is easy to use, and will (almost) always produce good coffee (with some knowledge about coffee extraction).

While a Coffee Dripper (is basically the same with a regular coffee maker minus the electric) requires a few things. It needs paper filters, and a long spout kettle for pouring water. This is best if you have more knowledge about proper coffee brewing techniques.

Optional Coffee Brewing Set Up

These things will help you tweak your recipe to get the best cup of coffee.

Coffee Grinder

Grinders are important and the good ones are expensive. Your local coffee supplier will be happy to grind your beans. Although, you lose freshness whenever you buy pre-ground coffee.

If you have funds buy a burr grinder. Manual grinders are cheaper, best for those who will only brew for themselves and a friend or two. While electric coffee grinders are advantageous, especially if you like brewing for more people.

Weighing Scale

Weighing scale will help you measure the amount of coffee and water. This is necessary when you decide to learn more on coffee brewing and extraction.

Spouted Kettle

Long spout kettle helps you with proper and controlled pouring of water. The ones with temperature control is a good investment.


Finally, your brewed coffee involves two ingredients: ground coffee beans and water.

  • Buy good quality, and freshly roasted (roast date nearest to your day of purchase) coffee beans.
  • Always use clean (no bad taste and weird smell) filtered water.

Here is a list of our coffee brewing set up:

We have been using this set up for the past seven years. While these things are not all cheap, good quality things last longer (great value for money).

  • Automatic Coffee Maker: MarcoBru 1.8L
  • Manual Brewer: Hario French Press and V60
  • Coffee Grinder: Baratza Forte AP
  • Long Spout Kettle: Bonavita Variable Temperature Kettle 1L
  • Weighing Scale: Hario Digital Drip Scale

Enjoy brewing!